The Third academic conference “Mathematical Talent and Mathematical Education” will take place at Adyghe State University in Maykop (Republic of Adygea, Russian Federation) on December 9, 2020.

The conference is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Adyghe State University. The current conference will be dedicated to the discussion of a wide range of problems connected to finding and supporting talented children as well as more advanced math preparation of school and university students.

The conference is planned to be held in face-to-face and distance formats. The work of the sections will be organized in two streams. The distance stream will be implemented on the ZOOM platform.

The organizing committee invites:
  • scientists and researchers in the fields of pedagogy and psychology of mathematical giftedness;
  • specialists in teaching advanced mathematics to gifted school children;
  • specialists in popularization of mathematics;
  • specialists in using information and distance learning technologies in teaching advanced mathematics;
  • specialists in organizing students’ research work in mathematics;
  • specialists in organizing mathematical education;
  • teachers and instructors;
  • graduate and undergraduate students.
Conference Organizers:

Adyghe State University

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University)

Caucasus Mathematical Center of Adyghe State University

School of Mathematics and Natural Science for Younger Students

Educational Center “Polyaris-Adygeya”

Conference languages:
  • Russian
  • English
Main Topics:
  • Psychological aspects of working with mathematically gifted students;
  • Assessment of mathematical talent and methods for developing mathematical skills in gifted school and university students;
  • Development of creative potential of a mathematically gifted child;
  • Theoretical and methodological problems of advanced math education;
  • Role of advanced problems in mathematics in the formation of a creative personality;
  • Preparation techniques for math Olympiads and competitions;
  • Mathematical component in preparing school children for non-math Olympiads;
  • Mathematical tournaments, Olympiads, and competitions;
  • Specifics of mathematical education of school children in specialized classes and schools;
  • Specifics of a personality-oriented teaching in specialized math classes;
  • National traditions in advanced math preparation of school and university students;
  • Research and project activities in the system of math education;
  • Popularization of math among children, youth, and adults;
  • Improving the quality of teachers’ professional development for working with gifted children;
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s programs preparing specialists in working with mathematically gifted children;
  • Information and communication technologies in the system of advanced math education;
  • Regional models and organizational forms for finding and supporting mathematically gifted children and youth;
  • History of mathematics and math education.
Accommodation and Social Program

Conference participants can stay in Maykop hotels located in the downtown area, close to the main building of the Adyghe State University. The list of hotels recommended by the organizing committee can be found on the accommodation page.

A trip to the Western Caucasus will be organized for the conference participants.


Important dates:

November 20, 2020deadline to register;

December 8, 2020 – conference participants arrive;

December 9-12, 2020 – conference sessions;

December 12, 2020 – trip to the Western Caucasus;

December 12-13, 2020 – conference participants depart;

December 20, 2020 – presentation of articles by conference participants.


phone: +79064380027 Ekaterina Kuprienko

phone: +79284720027 Yury Karpenko