The academic conference “Mathematical Talent and Mathematical Education” will take place at Adyghe State University.
The conference is dedicated to the discussion of a wide range of problems connected to finding and supporting talented children as well as more advanced math preparation of school and university students.

The organizing committee invites:

  • scientists and researchers in the fields of pedagogy and psychology of mathematical giftedness;
  • specialists in teaching advanced mathematics to gifted school children;
  • specialists in popularization of mathematics;
  • specialists in using information and distance learning technologies in teaching advanced mathematics;
  • specialists in organizing students’ research work in mathematics;
  • specialists in organizing mathematical education;
  • teachers and instructors;
  • graduate and undergraduate students.
Conference Organizers:

Adyghe State University

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Caucasus Mathematical Center

Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Conference Languages:
  • Russian;
  • English.
Main Topics
  • psychological aspects of working with mathematically gifted students;
  • assessment of mathematical talent and methods for developing mathematical skills in gifted school and university students;
  • development of creative potential of a mathematically gifted child;
  • theoretical and methodological problems of advanced math education;
  • development of students’ math skills in the context of higher education;
  • role of advanced problems in mathematics in the formation of a creative personality;
  • preparation techniques for math Olympiads and competitions;
  • mathematical component in preparing school children for non-math Olympiads;
  • mathematical tournaments, Olympiads, and competitions;
  • specifics of mathematical education of school children in specialized classes and schools;
  • specifics of a personality-oriented teaching in specialized math classes;
  • national traditions in advanced math preparation of school and university students;
  • research and project activities in the system of math education;
  • popularization of math among children, youth, and adults;
  • improving the quality of teachers’ professional development for working with gifted children;
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s programs preparing specialists in working with
  • mathematically gifted children;
  • information and communication technologies in the system of advanced math education;
  • regional models and organizational forms for finding and supporting mathematically gifted children and youth;
  • history of mathematics and math education.
Program Committee
  • R.D. Khunagov (Maykop, Adyghe State University), Chair of the committee;
  • N.H. Agakhanov (Moscow, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies);
  • N.N. Andreev (Moscow, Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science);
  • A.V. Barkin (Moscow, Council for Gifted);
  • V.N. Dybrovsky (Moscow, AESC MSU);
  • D.K. Mamiy (Maykop, Adyghe State University, Regional School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics);
  • K.V. Medvedev (Moscow, “New School”);
  • S.A. Polikarpov (Moscow, Moscow Pedagogical State University);
  • M.Ya. Pratusevich (Saint Petersburg, Presidential school specializing in physics and math #239);
  • A.M. Raigorodskii (Moscow, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology);
  • I.S. Rubanov (Kirov, Kirov Center for after school education for gifted children);
  • I.S. Safuanov (Moscow, Moscow City University);
  • A.V. Savvateev (Maykop, Adyghe State University);
  • T.S. Samrowski (Zurich University of Applied Science, Switzerland);
  • T.F. Sergeeva (Moscow, Moscow Center for the Development of Professional Education Potential);
  • D.V. Ushakov (Moscow, Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Science)
  • I.E. Vasilieva (Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Center For Telecommunications and Information Systems in Education);
  • I.V. Yashenko (Moscow, Moscow Center of Uninterrupted Math Education).
Organizing Committee
  • D.K. Mamiy (ASU, Maykop) – Chair of the Committee;
  • M.V. Aliev (ASU, Maykop);
  • S.R. Bedzhanova (ASU, Maykop);
  • S.E. Boichenko (ASU, Maykop);
  • Yu.A. Karpenko (ASU, Maykop);
  • R.Yu. Khurum (ASU, Maykop);
  • O.N. Malkhozheva (ASU, Maykop);
  • I.G. Megrikyan (ASU, Maykop);
  • E.N. Meretukova (ASU, Maykop);
  • A.A. Panesh (ASU, Maykop);
  • A.H. Stash (ASU, Maykop);
  • N.V. Tsygankova (ASU, Maykop).
  • A.V. Yurov (ASU, Maykop).